Banded: A Unique Take on the Superellipse [Giveaway]

Let's get back to minimal

Between redesigns and updates I have been working on something different. Something that would bring me back to my roots as well as help push my vision forward. Sounds tricky. It wasn't.

It all includes a bunch of boring math stuff like plugging different versions of the formula into Illustrator to get the shape just right. After that it was a simple matter of color decision and sizing things for the future.

I decided to release two versions after debating a hard charcoal and a soft, sandy off-white, both rendered at 192px. For all those super high res displays hitting the market as of late.

On Thursday, May eighth, Banded will be released to the public with over seven hundred icons and six gorgeous wallpapers, with regular updates to follow. I may will even work in some Zooper skins and a WidgetLocker theme in the coming weeks.

Speaking of wallpapers, did I mention I comissioned Jacek Malinowski to create some truly awesome walls using images by Richard Colón? Well I did, and he rocked it. Circle those two and support their work, they deserve it.

Banded on Google Play

Get the DEMO


I will be giving away ten free copies of Banded, all you need to do is download the demo, use the included icons and wallpapers to create a killer homescreen, and then show me your best screenshot by sharing it to Google plus with the hashtag #Banded.

I will go over all the posts and enter all the names of those who participated into a random generator and post the results on Monday, May 12.

Let's see those shots!

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